What is the best concealer for acne and scars?


The only thing that’s more disturbing than watching a monster zit take control of your pretty face is being witness to the scar it leaves behind. I have personal experience with this problem. SO much so that I decided to share some advice and bring you 5 of the best concealer for acne and scars.

At a particular point in our lives, some of us will suffer from acne, specifically if you have oily skin. This magical product is capable of concealing those ugly scars on your skin within a bat of an eye. However, it’s imperative to choose the right concealer to hide those scars and imperfections and get a flawless look.

If you are a newcomer or you are losing direction in the makeup world; undecided over which concealer to purchase to hide your acne scars, then this post is for you. The best makeup concealers for acne should be able to cover blemishes, scars, discoloration, bruising, and circles under the eye. We bring you the five best concealer for acne and scars that will definitely give you a seemingly flawless skin.

e.l.f. Concealer, Ivory

Over the past nine months, I have been looking for that concealer would blend well and has a touch of shimmer. Menopause had brought me sleepless nights, dulling my skin, and had also amplified my combination skin’s tendencies. My friend Melissa bought this concealer at superstore last month, and after what I saw, I had to rush out for mine. I followed the instructions to apply it on my face, and I was amazed by the excellent results.

The e.l.f. Cosmetics Ivory Concealer is perfect for light skin tones. It helps cover up spots, dark eye bags, acne and several other blemishes. This great makeup concealer comes in a 0.11 oz pack that’s portable and can be used in an emergency. The concealer is lightweight and blends naturally with your skin for a lovely and definite look. It stays on well for a long time and therefore you can be rest assured of enough protection until you get home.

e.l.f. Concealer, Ivory, 0.11 Ounce
e.l.f. Concealer, Ivory, 0.11 Ounce


  • Easy To Apply
  • Goes On Smoothly
  • Doesn’t Clump
  • Blends Well


  • Settles in creases

Price – $1.99

Rating – 4/5

Collection Lasting Performance Ultimate Wear Concealer 

Let me start by stating that I’m so glad I bought this amazing concealer on a whim, as it was very cheap and I was like, wth, right? So I parted with my $8.39. Now onto the nitty gritty. I now use their lightest shade for spots and under eye circles, and it works much better than other concealers I’ve used.

The Collection Lasting Performance Ultimate Wear Concealer 02 Cool Medium conceals flaws, imperfections, goes matte and doesn’t crease or peel and blemishes for up to 15-16 hours. It’s Water-resistant and transfer proof. This concealer works well for boots and is good for dark circles underneath the eyes.

Collection Lasting Performance Ultimate Wear Concealer - 02 Cool Medium
Collection Lasting Performance Ultimate Wear Concealer – 02 Cool Medium


  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Waterproof

Price- $8.39

Rating – 5/5

MAC Select Cover Up NW20

This stuff is incredible! When I bought this concealer, my biggest worry was that this product was going to make me feel heavy on my face and make me look cakey, but it proved me wrong! I put my concealer on after foundation, and it blended so seamlessly, and it looked beautiful! It felt lightweight as well.

The concealer can be used on the face and anywhere on the skin as a liquid camouflage for the body. It delivers a medium coverage and a texture-free matte finish and is virtually invisible. MAC Select Cover Up NW20 brightens and lightens dark areas erasing spots and immediately tones the skin with pigment, creating a free-flow skin complexion.

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer, NW20
MAC Select Cover Up Concealer, NW20


  • Long-lasting
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Brightens and lightens dark areas


  • Creases under the eyes

Price – $28.98

Rating – 4.5/5

Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, Ivory

This is one the best concealers I have used. Since it blends easily and smoothly, I can normally use it alone or with foundation. This is a huge advantage to me since most of the time I prefer simple make up. Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer is usually a Gel-infused concealer that is intended to cover up blemishes on your skin and illuminates as it covers.

This concealer is designed to brighten your skin quickly and is available in a .05 FL. Oz. To use, just apply the concealer beneath your foundation for secure coverage. The concealer can even be used to sculpt and highlight your cheekbones. Additionally, the concealer can also be used on the lips for a fuller appearance.

Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Touch
Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Touch


  • Illuminates as it conceals
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Dermatologist, Allergy Tested
  • Suitable for all skin types

Price – $5.31

Rating – 5/5

Laura Mercier Concealer Undercover Pot – UC-5 (For Medium Skin)

My favorite on the go concealer set. Its packaging is just awesome; it’s very convenient with 2 types of concealers and a setting powder. I’ve bought this concealer more than 6 times in the last 6 months or so and I loved it. Laura Mercier Concealer Undercover Pot has a unique light-reflecting element that brings you a soft focus complexion. It smoothens the skin, making it flawless with a luminous glow. One thing I noticed about this concealer is its amazing quality and it lasted long on your skin.

Laura Mercier Concealer Undercover Pot Contains Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer. The pot Secret Camouflage covers blemishes & imperfections while the Secret Concealer is used to combats under-eye circles.

Laura Mercier Concealer Undercover
Laura Mercier Concealer Undercover


  • Perfectly covers fine lines & imperfections
  • Has unique light-reflecting element

Price – $20.99

Rating – 5/5


I hope this post on the 5 best concealer for acne and scars will help you figure out what and how to apply your concealer professionally. My intention is for it to also help you know how to get the proper coverage you need to alter your skin to look gorgeous, radiant and natural. I’ve classified the best concealers for acne and scars based on their coverage and purpose, therefore offering you the excellent choices for covering acne marks, the under-eye area, blemishes, dark spots and pigmentation problems.


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