Top 7 airbrush makeup brand reviews you need to read


Everybody wants to look like a movie star. Airbrush makeup gives you a way to do just that. That’s right, the secret of showbiz is now available to the public. That’s why airbrush makeup reviews are serious business.

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a lightweight, air infused liquid makeup. This makeup is propelled forward by an air compressor, and sprayed onto your face for an even, flawless finish. The best airbrush makeup is long-lasting and has buildable coverage. Of course, to be sure of which is the best airbrush makeup you should always check airbrush makeup reviews to back up claims. Taking the time to read through airbrush makeup reviews will ensure that you don’t waste your money on a product that doesn’t work or suit your needs.

Airbrush makeup reviews are definitely the way to go if you want to get the most out of your airbrush makeup. Stay tuned for a comprehensive guide and the best airbrush makeup reviews.

Choosing the best airbrush makeup kit

An airbrush makeup kit is an investment. Even the cheapest of these airbrush makeup kits are nothing to scoff at. This is why airbrush makeup reviews are an absolute necessity. Without airbrush makeup reviews, you could end up regretting your purchase. That’s the last thing we want to happen! 

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to airbrush makeup reviews. Price, durability, and effectiveness are all important factors to consider. There is not a airbrush makeup system that is perfect for everyone. In reading these airbrush makeup reviews, be sure to consider which factors are most important for you!

These airbrush makeup reviews are comprised of the best airbrush makeup brands. The best airbrush makeup kit for you is out there, ready to make you look flawless. Ready for airbrush makeup reviews of the best airbrush makeup brands?

The airbrush makeup reviews:


Dinair Airbrush Personal Pro Makeup Kit
Dinair Airbrush Personal Pro Makeup Kit

The Dinair tends to be the frontrunner of all airbrush makeup reviews, and for good reason. Dinair is the best-selling and most popular airbrush makeup kit in the industry. This brand of airbrush makeup has been used in the television and film industry for over 30 years! Even starting out their product was revolutionary, but with the emergence of high-definition television as a standard, makeup with a high-definition finish is a must.

The company’s founder and president, Dina Ousley is a former actress and award winning makeup artist. She has enough credentials to make you feel secure in her product. She ensures that Dinair has excellent airbrush makeup reviews by making sure every customer is satisfied.

Dinair Airbrush Compressor
Dinair Airbrush Compressor

The Dinair airbrush compressor is small and compact. Dinair airbrush wand makes a finer mist than some other systems, a feature raved about. The reason so many airbrush makeup reviews considered this the best airbrush makeup kit is that its compressor is so small and convenient to travel with.

The Dinair ‘personal basic’ starter kit is only $99 and the ‘personal pro’ kit is still only $200! Both kits come with at least 3 shades of foundation, the major difference between the two simply being another shade of foundation and some fun extras included.

I’d recommend the personal basic kit for those looking for the best value. Most of these airbrush makeup reviews will focus on basic kits for your benefit. That’s where a beginner’s best value is.


Temptu, also founded 30 years ago, has one of the most recognizable paths to success. Out of all other airbrush makeup brands, the Temptu has made its mark on big-name Hollywood the most. Because Temptu is such a big name, it has to be included in airbrush makeup reviews.

For example, the Temptu was used by:

  • Johnny Depp in Cry Baby
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier’s 1992 Vogue spread
  • Runway models of Givenchy
  • Rebecca Romijn as Mystique in X-Men (2000)
  • Nicole Kidman in The Stepford Wives (2003)
  • Adam Levine and other hosts of The Voice
  • Lady Gaga for the Born This Way music video
Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kit

The system itself is beautiful, and it lasts for ages. The makeup is long lasting, even by airbrush standards. You can get up to 18 hours of perfect wear just from one airbrush foundation application.

The most popular Temptu system comes with Airpods, little capsules pre-filled with your foundation (or blush, or highlighter). The Airpods are convenient, but less customizable than individual drops. Airbrush makeup reviews tend to note the utility and ease of using and removing the airpods. The airpods leave less room for mess, but if you’re in-between shades, it can be difficult to get a match.

The signature starter kit is $250. Refill pods are around $40 each.


Luminess Air

Luminess Air Epic Airbrush System
Luminess Air Epic Airbrush System

The Luminess Air is probably the most recognizable brand of airbrush makeup. This is the system I saw advertised on late night infomercials. I watched in amazement as the host brushed away imperfections in a model in seconds. It’s a classic and popular system, so of course it has to be counted in airbrush makeup reviews.

Despite its popularity, the company Luminess Air doesn’t actually have such a long history as other brands. The website was only registered in 2007, and there’s no info on the company linked anywhere on their site.

The Luminess Air’s starter kit, named the Luminess Legend Airbrush System, retails for $249. This system seems to be marketed towards personal use almost exclusively. The price point is higher than its direct competitors Dinair and Temptu, however the Luminess Air is definitely still reasonably priced. Most airbrush makeup reviews, including this one, consider the Luminess Air to be one of the best airbrush makeup brands.


Airbursh Makeup Foundation MAC
Airbursh Makeup Foundation MAC

The MAC Air is actually not an airbrush system, but instead a line of airbrush foundation. Despite this, the MAC Air deserves a spot in these airbrush makeup reviews. The reason being that this airbrush foundation is made for use by professionals in the makeup industry, so it’s one of the highest quality foundations around.

This foundation is developed exclusively for MC Pros, and in order to purchase it from their website, you need a membership.

However, the requirements of a MAC Pro membership include proof of profession. You can not purchase this foundation unless you are a professional member of the beauty industry and are approved for MAC Pro membership

One bottle of foundation costs $35, which is in line with other airbrush foundation pricing. The MAC Air has a silicon-based, extremely high performance formula.

*MAC makeup artists use the Iwata airbrush system. This system is also included in these airbrush makeup reviews.

Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink Airbrush Medium Shades
Tickled Pink Airbrush Medium Shades

Tickled Pink is a relatively new company. Started by Kathy Tope and her husband in Oregon, Tickled Pink has remained a small operation. If you call support, it’s possible that you’ll be talking to the creator of the brand!

The line emphasises it’s ‘ultra-feminine’ feel. This essentially breaks down to both the airbrush kits compressor and airbrush wand are pink. It certainly is the cutest airbrusher in these airbrush makeup reviews.

The quality of the air compressor and wand are not the best in the business, they are however, perfect for home use. Additionally, their airbrush foundation is cheaper than most and performs as well as the best airbrush makeup professional kits. The standard kit is $159.95.

Don’t be fooled by this pretty pink airbrusher. Airbrush makeup reviews may sometimes skip it, but it’s the best airbrush makeup kit for its price point. Not only is the Tickled Pink pretty to look at, it’s incredibly useful too.

Photo Finish

Professional Airbrush Photo Finish

Professional Airbrush Photo Finish

This brand of airbrush makeup is exclusively sold on Amazon. Photo Finish does not have its own retail space, but don’t let that scare you. The standard set is only $98, making it one of the cheapest and best airbrush makeup kits on the market.

Airbrush makeup reviews typically leave this brand out, but it really is a hidden gem.


Belloccio is another a smaller brand with good price-matching power. There’s not much information on the airbrush makeup company itself, but this brand has excellent airbrush makeup reviews on the rare occasion it’s mentioned. Why is the Belloccio sowell-received?

Bellocio Professional Airbrush Makeup
Bellocio Professional Airbrush Makeup

The system is easy to use and is actually quite stunning to look at. Like many airbrush systems, starting the machine is as easy as pressing a button. There are three settings, low, medium, and high. When you first turn on the machine, it starts on the medium setting, which is perfect for applying your primer and foundation.

The Belloccio air compressor and airbrush wand both have a beautiful chrome finish. This finish makes the Belloccio look extremely professional and sleek. The look of the Belloccio is a huge selling point for anyone looking to break into the makeup industry.

The basic airbrush makeup kit from Belloccio retails for $99.96. This includes four foundation shades, two blushes, a primer, a bronzer, and a highlighter. The amount of product contained in the basic kit is really impressive for the price point.

Overall, I’m super impressed by the quality of the Belloccio and I’m sad to see it often passed up in airbrush makeup reviews.


The Iwata is one of the most unique brands out there. For years, airbrush makeup reviews have praised it for its high quality and longevity. So what’s the thing that makes this product so special? The Iwata airbrush system is not only used for makeup. Versions of this airbrush are also used for things such as special effects and detailing, things that use real paint!

What this means for you, the consumer, is that an Iwata airbrush system will be one of the best airbrush makeup systems you can get your hands on. Not only are these made with high quality components, these airbrushers are built to last.

Iwatta Airbrush Makeup Compressor
Iwatta Airbrush Makeup Compressor

Without a doubt, Iwata is the reigning Queen of Airbrush. Realistically, the Iwata is the highest caliber airbrush makeup system in these airbrush makeup reviews. However, if you’re simply using your airbrush makeup on yourself, it’s not absolutely necessary.

Because the Iwata is made for professional use, it’s not as convenient to buy as other systems. Unlike of the other best airbrush makeup, the Iwata does not come in kit form. Typically, you’ll have to buy the airbrush wand and air compressor separately. Airbrush makeup reviews tend to gloss over this fact, but I think it’s too important to leave out.

These airbrush kits are not cheap, but there’s no beating this quality. If price is no issue, then absolutely go for it! Iwata is a serious contender for the best airbrush makeup and deserves a big shout-out in all airbrush makeup reviews.

Glam Air

The Glam Air is a basic, mid-range airbrusher. This compact machine uses a low PSI and has its own line of super lightweight, water based makeup for maximum effect. This company is relatively new but has been stepping up its game in recent years. Hopefully we’ll see the Glaim Air pop up more in airbrush makeup reviews.

Glam Air "The posh" Kit
Glam Air “The posh” Kit

The basic system, named ‘The Posh’ sells for $169. Glam Air makeup boasts an anti-ageing effect, concealing skin discoloration, sun spots and small wrinkles effortlessly. Most airbrush makeup systems can make the same claim, but there are some truly beneficial ingredients in all Glam Air products. This is an important factor in airbrush makeup reviews; all of the best airbrush makeup contains minerals and moisturizers and Glam Air is no exception.

Despite being a lesser known brand, the Glam Air has a very high satisfaction rate. In order to compete with the growing market of the best airbrush makeup, Glam Air is priced competitively. If you’re looking for a stylish system for personal use, the Glam Air is your ideal match in the Top 7 Airbrush Makeup Reviews.

The Kett Jett

The Kett Jett, produced by Kett Cosmetics, is also a long-time figure in the airbrush makeup game, having been founded over 30 years ago as well. Often buried by more recognizable names like Dinair and Temptu, The Kett Jett is still one of the best performing airbrush makeup systems. So of course it had to be included in these airbrush makeup reviews.

Kett Pro Kit
Kett Pro Kit

The Kett starter kit is $492. This is a hefty starting price point. But the starter kit does come with a whopping 10 shades of foundation! That’s the most of any starter kit in these airbrush makeup reviews.

Kett Jett is a system that is best suited for those looking for high quality. Some of the best airbrush makeup can be found in Kett Cosmetics.


New best airbrush makeup systems are emerging all the time, but the tried and true brands in these airbrush makeup reviews are always going to be a great choice. The new brands featured in these airbrush makeup reviews, Tickled Pink and Glam Air, are well on their way to becoming airbrush classics.

Since the airbrush makeup industry has had a huge boom in personal use, more brands than ever are available for purchase. Air compressors are becoming smaller and quieter. There will always be airbrush makeup reviews to check out the latest and best airbrush makeup.

That’s the end of these airbrush makeup reviews. We hope that this will be a huge help in deciding which of the best airbrush makeup brands to purchase.

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