The best 5 Avon lipstick reviews 2016


Avon Lipsticks have become a staple in my makeup collection. Avon is offering some of the best lipsticks that I want to show you today. One of the principal reasons why I love these products is the way they feel on my lips; they are very mild and smooth. Additionally, Avon lipsticks are so easy to apply because of their form and they don’t dry the lips out at all. Having used these products, I will bullet 5 Avon lipstick reviews.

My Top 5 Avon Lipstick Reviews

Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lip Color SPF 15 – Twig Brindille

Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lip Color SPF 15 - Twig Brindille
Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lip Color SPF 15 – Twig Brindille

Thanks Avon for giving us once more an excellent product – Twig Brindille. I have been using this Avon lipstick for many years. It is a beautiful color lipstick and has a definite softening and plumping effect. The reason to trust Avon is my personal three years’ experience with Avon, and I never feel any defrauded or any compromise with the quality of any product.

For Twig Brindille I must say here that it is a right color that blends for day or night. I’d love to buy this product again. For such a creamy lipstick, it’s relatively pigment rich and has a great color payoff. i.e., it looks darker in the tube than on my lips. I have received the product today for my mother. She is very happy and overwhelmed to get this brownish-pink lipstick color.

I am in love with it as I got it for such a price of $7.85 and I am 100% sure no one can imagine getting such quality product at this price anywhere else. This lipstick is magnificent in quality and has a very attractive color brownish-pink. It is long lasting and gives a shiny look.  Very soon I am going to buy a few more colors.

Being such a great product I am giving this five stars. I absolutely love this product.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Avon Ultra Color Ignite Lipstick 3.8 g (Mocha)
Avon Ultra Color Ignite Lipstick 3.8 g (Mocha)

Avon Ultra Color Ignite Lipstick 3.8 g – Mocha

One day while going through, I found an offer on Avon products. Therefore purchased the Avon Ultra Color Ignite Lipstick 3.8 g (Mocha) at a cost of only $17.99.

It has a Vivid color infused with Vitamin E, SPF15, shea butter, and Omega 3 that moisturises the lips. The Ultra Color Lipstick with rich vivid colors Make my lips feel smooth and moisturized.

The Avon lipstick is smooth to apply and gives the lips a glossy finish. The staying power of the lipstick is excellent, and it stays for around 3-4 hours even when eating and drinking. Again I’m giving this lipstick a 5 star rating.

This shade is my preferred nude till date. Hence I am going to purchase it as soon as I finish the existing one.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks – Carnation

Avon Ultra Colour Lipsticks - Carnation
Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks – Carnation

I had to include this in my top 5 Avon lipstick reviews. The new and improved range of Avon Ultra Color Lipstick which was launched in 2014 has completely captivated me by its color and quality.  The color technology together with self-renewing pigments helps the lipstick color to stay true for an extended period. It contains Shea Butter, Arctic Berry, Vitamin E and Omega oil that moisturize and nourish the lips instantly.

Carnation is a shade of pink with a hint of coolness and warmness which gives it a 5-star rating. It lasted for 5 hours and faded evenly.

Rich textures, shades, and colors are the words which best describe Avon Ultra Lipsticks. Whatever is being advertised is true as the color remains for a long time and fades gradually. The lipsticks are soft and creamy. I love this range of lipsticks from Avon as it is affordable and the shades are very nice. This product starts at $13.22.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Avon Ultra Color Lipstick – Matte Berry

When it comes to my taste of lipsticks, I realize that I’ve spent a lot of time dodging matte formulas, but now those days are long past me. I’m not only reformed, but I’ve also come to love the matte berry. Those days when you had to sacrifice a comfortable wearing formula for a matte finish are long gone; Avon Ultra Color Lipstick – Matte Berry is no exception.

Avon Ultra Color Lipstick - Matte Berry
Avon Ultra Color Lipstick – Matte Berry

Matte Berry is a medium-dark raspberry pink shade. It appears more vibrant on the lips than it looks in the tube and is an excellent shade if you need something a little bold, but not a full on wowzers bold. This lipstick costs $8.47.

This lipstick should never lack space in your collection nor in my top 5 Avon lipstick reviews.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Avon Ultra Color Lipstick 3.8g – Wine Berry

Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick 3.8g - Wine Berry
Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick 3.8g – Wine Berry

I have bought very expensive lipsticks, but none have been as good as this one. This is a versatile lipstick and offers just enough color to show. The best thing about this lipstick is that it can suit all skin tones and looks so simple and natural.

It adds a rich finish with the satin glow and is in trend with a shimmer lipstick look. The color is ideal for work or play and provides luxurious moisture for your lips. It’s infused with omega-3, Vitamin E, and Shea Butter.

The greatest thing about this Avon lipstick is that it’s durable, it easily lasts for at least 8-10 hours with the same pouty look by the end of the day!

The quality is excellent form it’s price point to make your lips shiny and soft every time and doesn’t make your lips dry. It provides good pigmentation to your lips.

The price range in between 8$ – 13$.

This gorgeous lipstick will not make you miss any of the ceremonies for the “last touch ups.” It will make you look cute and sassy even by the end of the day.

Rating: 5/5 stars

The Avon lipsticks have true color technology where whatever you see in the tube is what you will see on the lips. Having gone through these Avon Lipstick Reviews, I hope you will be able to see if you are going to like a particular shade or formula before you purchase a full-size product.


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