3 Younique makeup products you should avoid


Whether it’s a friend, a friend’s friend, a stranger or simply by chance, Younique makeup is becoming increasingly popular for their excellent products. In addition, Younique Cosmetics holds both sharing parties and virtual parties allowing their presenters unlimited possibilities in showcasing the Younique Cosmetics products.

Women all around the globe have been introduced to Younique makeup via a variety of ways whether it be a family member, friend, friend-of-a-friend, colleague, Younique presenter or by chance. For those women who have invested in Younique’s products (largely) haven’t looked back on their decision. Over the months and years, more and more women are adding to their Younique cosmetic collection, finding their preferences, and enjoying the versatility and delight that is Younique.

Some women, in turn, become Younique presenters; others continue to enjoy the compliments that they receive regarding their makeup. These compliments often lead to questions and requests for makeup advice.

For many women, leaving home without makeup in their bag is a big no. After all, you have a high probability that you’ll need to touch up your lipstick or eyeshadow at least once in the day. The general makeup kit consists of lip gloss (or lipstick), eye shadow, mascara, and pencils (eyeliner and lip liner). These are your must haves.  Plus, they are easily removed with your favorite makeup remover.

That being said, not all of Younique’s makeup products are great. In fact, some of them should be avoided. They don’t meet the brief or deliver on the same quality many women have come to love about Younique. These products should be avoided and your money spent on other products that you enjoy. Let’s look at the three top Younique makeup products to avoid buying.

1. Younique makeup Liquid Mineral Foundation

Many women use foundation as part of their makeup routine to cover up those acne spots, smoothes fine lines, and blend uneven pigmentation. Makeup foundation is critical to beautiful makeup.

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation
Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation

Younique’s makeup range includes their Younique Liquid Mineral Foundation which is not far off from disastrous. This particular foundation is not suitable for all skin types. In fact, I’m not sure which skin type it will work for:

Those who have oily skin will find their facial skin even oilier after applying this Younique makeup foundation. Women with dry skin, sorry to say, your skin has a high chance of becoming dryer and more damaged from this product.

The claims that Younique’s Liquid Mineral Foundation will cover your blemishes and leave your face looking as though it had gone through photoshop is more of a marketing ploy than truth. The foundation barely covers spots, blemishes, and redness. When you try to put more foundation on to see if it will help, the result is that of cakey skin. Besides this, the Younique makeup foundation does not stay on all day. After a few hours, there it goes sliding off your face in a most unattractive fashion.

Plus, when applying this Younique makeup foundation, you use more drops than the advertised three to five drops. Even if you get the right color for your skin, the result is disappointing and streaky regardless of how you apply it.

Stick to your favorite foundation brand and save yourself some money on this Younique makeup product.

2. Younique makeup 3D Fiber Lashes + Mascara

Recently Younique reassessed their mascara formula. The result has been disappointing, to say the least. The brush is laden with mascara due to the new style of the mascara brush and cylinder. It’s all downhill for here. The Younique makeup mascara dries up quicker than it should – it should last a minimum of six weeks. Once opened, the mascara begins to dry and clump.

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes
Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

To top it off, the fibers from the Fiber lash mascara begin to fall off your lashes and onto your face or eyes after a couple of hours. This is not conducive to that stunning look you are after. You want to walk with the confidence that comes with feeling beautiful; fibers on your face doesn’t do much in uplifting one’s confidence.

Those who are more sensitive to makeup than others may find their eyes sensitive after putting on the Younique mascara.

Considering the above, the Younique Fiber Lash mascara is not worth the small investment it demands. On top of all this, Younique has not been able to perfect their formula for their mascara which is unfortunate since their formula a couple years ago was fantastic. In fact, it was in popular demand!

3. Younique makeup Foundation Brush

Younique Foundation Brush
Younique Foundation Brush

Makeup brushes are supposed to be a girl’s best friend when it comes to makeup application. After all, brushes give your makeup that smooth even blend ensuring that all your makeup is applied to perfection.

Youniqe makeup brushes are up for questions. Their foundation brush even more so. This brush is guilty of absorbing more foundation than your skin while leaving a streaky effect on your face after applying foundation. The more foundation you use, the worse the streaks get.

This Younique makeup brush has a tendency of quickly shedding its bristles. So, while you are staring in horror at your now streaky face, lo and behold a trail of bristles has plastered itself to your face. Going a day without foundation seems to be a more attractive option than heading out the house feeling less attractive than you actually are.

Although some of Younique’s makeup products have been close to disastrous, not all their products are poor quality. In fact, depending on your skin type and personal preference, Younique makeup comes with several Top Must Haves. These products in the Younique makeup line have helped sustain Younique into achieving their prestige.

Almost all companies will have their star products and their not-so-great products. Read our Top 5 Younique Makeup Must Haves for more on Younique makeup products that are stellar. Being well informed is power, now you can have a more holistic view on Younique makeup products to base your makeup decisions on.

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