NYC lipstick review: My top 4 Expert last colors


Looking to purchase an NYC lipstick? You’ve come to the right place. In this post I will go over my top 4 nyc lipstick reviews to help you make the right decision.

With NYC Lipsticks, you are able to create the perfect pout whether you are going for an evening out or to the office. Whatever your makeup needs, NYC Lipstick is ready to give you long lasting gorgeous lips with minimal maintenance.

NYC Lipstick

The NYC Lipstick range comes in a variety of shades including corals, plums, pinks and reds. These lipsticks are available online or at your local store.  NYC lipsticks range in price from as low as $2 to $10 depending on where you buy them.

NYC Lipstick reviews rave about these lipsticks, complimenting NYC on providing a range of lipsticks that are long lasting, beautiful colors, and smooth to apply.  NYC lipsticks come in a variety of 27 colors divided into two categories: shimmer and satin. The shimmer of these lipsticks continues to keep your lips moisturized especially as the lipstick remains for several hours. Some of the NYC lipstick reviews found that the moisture in the lipstick was good although their lips did feel drier after wearing the lipstick for several hours.

Although NYC lipstick claims to last up to six hours, it does need to be reapplied after meals. However, the color of the lipstick continues to leave a beautiful stain on your lips even after it has faded several hours later. The fade of this lipstick continues to leave your lips looking great even though it may not be as intense as it was when you first applied it to your lips.

NYC Lipstick reviews found that the creaminess of the NYC lipstick range was one of their best features. Those lipsticks with a more shimmer finish were found to have more creaminess than the other satin finishes. The conclusion remains the same: the NYC lipsticks are creamy to your lips when applied.

4 NYC Lipstick Reviews

Having heard the various NYC lipstick reviews, we narrowed the more popular lipsticks down to four shades: Smooch, Air Kiss, Forever Fuchsia, and Coralista. We compiled our own review of these four lipsticks as we investigated the positive reviews NYC Lipstick was getting.

NYC Expert Last lip color, Smooch


This lovely light pink lipstick matches the quality and brightness of other brands such as Estee Lauder in its color. NYC lipstick reviews love this more nude color in the NYC lipstick range. Its light pink color makes it a great lipstick for those more natural days.

This lipstick is available on Amazon for $9.99 with a limited amount of stock available. Hurry to get your lovely NYC Ultra last lip wear in Smooch today.

NYC Expert Last lip color, Air Kiss

Air Kiss
Air Kiss

The NYC Expert Last Lipstick stays on for six hours and is both moisturizing and comfortable to wear. Plus, this incredible lipstick does not bleed its color or give that unwanted feather look.

Air Kiss is a bright berry and pink shade. It is available at local drugstores and on Amazon. The price ranges up to $3.37. Due to popularity, this stunning lipstick is running out of stock on Amazon so get yours Today while stocks last.

NYC Expert Last lip color, Forever Fuchsia

Forever Fuchsia
Forever Fuchsia

NYC lipstick reviews found that Forever Fuchsia is a more of a plum color thanks to its purple undertone. This lipstick works great for those people who love bright and dramatic lipstick. It’s a bolder color without being overwhelming in its purple undertone.

Several NYC lipstick reviews consistently commented on the brightness of this pink lipstick. Its dramatic color is suited for those who want to make a bold statement or enjoy bright colors. However, after removing the lipstick, your lips may have a lovely rosy pink stain to them while remaining moisturized.

Forever Fuchsia is available on Amazon for $5.00.

NYC Expert Last lip color, Coralista


Although considered to be a shimmer lipstick, NYC lipstick reviews found that Coralista is more of a satin lipstick. Given that many coral shades of lipstick head towards a more orange undertone or peachy look, Coralista finds a beautiful balance as it remains a lovely warm pink even with that orange undertone.

Get your NYC Expert Last Lipcolor in Corlaista today on Amazon for an equally stunning $1.12

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