Why is Mineral Makeup Without Bismuth Oxychloride Better?


The composition of makeup in the beauty world is changing fast. More and more brands are incorporating into their cosmetic range mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride. The impact this has on your skin is rewarding thus further encouraging women worldwide to invest in mineral makeup. What is mineral makeup? Why should you have mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride?


A word on mineral makeup

For thousands of years, minerals and their compounds have been used in makeup and other cosmetics. It was only during the mid-1970s that “mineral makeup” really took the cosmetic industry by storm. Since then, brands are becoming dedicated to organic mineral makeup

Mineral makeup refers to makeup that is made from minerals or mineral compounds such as iron oxide, zinc oxide, mica and titanium oxide. Usually, mineral makeup refers to eye shadow, blushers, bronzers and foundation.  Because of their liquid form, lipsticks, liquid foundation, lip gloss, and pencils need other ingredients to bind them together. As such these are not considered to be “mineral makeup”.

In its purest form, mineral makeup is a fine and loose powder made solely from mineral ingredients. These mineral ingredients are mined from the earth before being separated from other minerals. Once separated from their ores, minerals are purified and crushed into powders of microscopic crystals. This is what gets used in mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride.

These microscopic crystals overlap each other as you apply them onto your skin. As a result, your skin is able to breathe while being protected from pollution and UV rays.


Brand names for mineral makeup

Some of the cosmetics brands that provide mineral makeup include:

  • Afterglow Cosmetics sells their eyeshadow for $21, foundation for $36, bronzers for $26, and blush for $26.
  • Lily Lolo sells their mineral foundation for £13.99, mineral blush for £8.49, mineral bronzer for £13.49 and mineral eyeshadow for £5.99
  • Bare Minerals sells their foundation from $28 – $43, bronzer from $21 to $28, blush from $21 – $34 and eyeshadow from $15 – $30.
  • Jane Iredaly sells their mineral foundation from $42 – $48.
  • Bare Faced Beauty sells their mineral foundation at £14, mineral blush for £10, mineral bronzer for £10 and mineral eyeshadow for £8
  • Sterling Minerals sells their mineral eye shadows for $15, their mineral blush for $21 mineral bronzer for $25, and foundation for $27.

The ins and outs of bismuth oxychloride

Commonly used in many makeup formulas, bismuth oxychloride is often responsible for many women’s skin irritation, rash, itching, or sudden onset of acne. This ingredient is an inorganic chemical compound used as a filler in makeup. When used in makeup bismuth oxychloride provides a pearlescence or a dewy-like sheen on a woman’s face. For some women, this glow is appealing however, the impacts on damaged and sensitive skin may not be worthwhile in the end.

For mature women, this effect is not necessarily considered appealing since fine wrinkles and lines protrude instead of fade thus aging a woman’s face all the more.

Other side effects of makeup with bismuth oxychloride include: itching, burning, inflammation, rosacea flare-ups, cystic acne, and erythema. Another side effect is dry, scaly and itchy eyelids.

Swap your makeup for mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride and you are sure to see an improvement in your skin’s condition. Say goodbye to unwanted burning, itchy, inflammation and acnes. With mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride, you can enjoy wearing a look that leaves you looking youthful and fresh. Let mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride bring out the best of your natural beauty.

Mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride

Fortunately, not all mineral makeup contains bismuth oxychloride. With the awareness of the impact bismuth oxychloride has on many skin types, several brands have devoted themselves to producing mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride. These brands include Faerie organic, Pure Love Cosmetics, and Intelligent Cosmetics. With these brands, you can rest assured that your mineral makeup is without bismuth oxychloride. Let’s take a closer look at each brand and their products:

Pure Love Cosmetics

At Pure Love Cosmetics, you will find a range of mineral makeup that is without bismuth oxychloride, fragrances, dyes, talc, parabens, oils, and other chemicals.  As such, their makeup does not clog up pores, leaving your skin feeling light and free to breathe. 

To assist in keeping your skin well looked after from the sun’s UV rays, Pure Love Cosmetics has incorporated into their makeup without bismuth oxychloride both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Thanks to its lightweight and incredible versatility, Pure Love Cosmetics brings you a range of makeup and products that are great value for money.

The Pure Love mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride includes the following:

  • Eyeshadow including glitter, matte, shimmer and diamond dust ranging from $10.50 – 13.50 each
  • Blush and bronzers come at an affordable $20 – $35
  • Foundation comes as loose powder foundation for $37.50 and of course there is their mineral veil which is priced at $25

Faerie Organic

Makeup reviews for Faerie Organic cosmetics boast in the quality of their products. Giving women the ability to wear makeup that does not clog their pores or cause allergies, Faerie Organic provides mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride that not only is light on the face but also gives a woman full coverage.

Faerie organic mineral makeup comes without bismuth oxychloride thus making it suitable for a variety of skin types. Their products include the following:

  • Foundations in a variety of shades will cost you $22
  • Faerie Organic brings you 12 shades of blush and bronzer for $16.50
  • Eyeshadows come in an assortment of colors and include both satin and matte eyeshadows for $10

Intelligent Cosmetics

Making mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride that is also made 100% natural ingredients, Intelligent Cosmetics promises that their makeup is free of irritants, harsh chemicals and fillers. Their makeup is void of oil, waxes, fragrances, talc and other harsh chemicals.  Thus, when you buy Intelligent Cosmetics you are buying certified Organic, high concentration mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride.

Although made in small batches to maintain potency and quality, Intelligent Cosmetics’ makeup is worth the money that you invest. Their products include:

  • Bronzers and blushers for £7.99

Intelligent Cosmetics is currently working on a line of mineral eyeshadow. We are looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Our recommendation

Considering the cost of mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride and the delight of wearing makeup that is light on your skin without allergies is why we recommend Pure Love Cosmetics. Their broad range of mineral makeup ensures that you come away with all your makeup requirements.

Their products are a dream to wear for many women. Choose the variety of eyeshadows you want for that everyday natural look or the more glamorous look for a night out. Add to this all your other favorite makeups including foundation and blush and you’re all set to feeling fabulous throughout the day.

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