Iwata airbrush makeup kit: 9 Tips you should know


Airbrush makeup is becoming increasingly popular. Initially airbrush makeup has been kept to the celebrity world particularly that of movies and modelling. This is how professional stylists have been able to produce flawless makeup. Now manufacturers have given the rest of us beauty fans access to these amazing products.

With airbrush makeup kits, you can now have flawless makeup that will last for ages regardless of the occasion. People worldwide are making use of Temptu, MAC Air, Dinair and more. One of the best airbrush makeup kits in the market is that of Iwata.

Overview of the Iwata airbrush makeup kit

Iwata Airbrush Makeup Kit
Iwata Airbrush Makeup Kit

The crème of the crop in airbrush makeup kits goes to Iwata. Although more expensive than some of the other brands, Iwata airbrush makeup kits are both easy to use and provide outstanding makeup.

The Iwata airbrush makeup kits can be used for a variety of beauty results including tanning, fingernail painting, makeup and more. Their easy assembly and dis-assembly are great for beginners to use and clean. In addition to all of this, they produce minimal noise.

The type of Iwata airbrush makeup kits you choose will depend on your needs which will determine the PSI level you will need your airbrush to have. Read here for more on the various Iwata airbrush makeup kits and their PSI levels.

One of the best features of the Iwata airbrush makeup kits is their lifespan. These incredible airbrushes are considered a worthwhile investment that will last you for years. Proper cleaning and maintenance will add to the longevity of the Iwata airbrush makeup kits. 

9 Tips for using an Iwata makeup airbrush kit

Airbrush makeup tips are in short supply given the increasing popularity of this new yet highly effective makeup application. With airbrush makeup aiming to give you a highly natural look to your makeup, it’s worthwhile knowing how to apply it. Here are nine awesome tips to help you master airbrush makeup:

1. Water-based practice

As with any new venture, practice goes far in helping you perfect and develop a new skill. The same holds true for Iwata airbrush makeup kits. To help you learn where your makeup is going to land on your face, how far to hold your airbrush, and becoming friends with your Iwata airbrush makeup kit practice with water. On a hot day, this will give you the added bonus of staying cool as well as not wasting valuable makeup.

2. Clean your face

Before you apply any makeup, be sure you have cleaned your face. Dirt will prevent you from having a natural look. In fact, a face that has not been cleaned will give your makeup that caked on look.


3. Moisture, moisture, moisture

As with other makeup routines, your face should be well prepped before applying makeup. This is even more critical when it comes to airbrush makeup. Iwata airbrush makeup kit gives your makeup a super natural look so moisturizing your skin sets you up for success.

4. Invest in a quality primer

Similar to other makeup regimes, apply a primer to your skin to ensure that your makeup stays fabulous all day until you are ready to crawl into bed after a successfully enjoyable day.

5. Water based makeup only

Use only water-based airbrush makeup. Regular makeup is too thick causing the airbrush to clog. Silicone-based makeup will also damage your airbrush and should thus be avoided at all times unless you are using an Iwata airbrush makeup kit which specifically use both water and silicone based makeup.

Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Mini Sets
Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Mini Sets


6. Avoid over-spraying at all costs

If you follow tip 1, you will be able to stay away from over spraying. Your Iwata airbrush makeup kit is meant to give you light makeup and a highly natural look. Remember to spray in circular motions, don’t touch your skin or get too close.

7. Remember to spray your neck

Using your Iwata airbrush makeup kit, spray and blend your neck. Be sure to avoid makeup lines. The goal is to have beautifully natural makeup.

8. End by spraying off your skin

When using your Iwata airbrush makeup kit, don’t stop spraying on your skin. If you do this you can cause patches of makeup on your face. Use circular motions and stop spraying off your skin.

9. Cleaning your airbrush

Medea Airbrush Cleaner
Medea Airbrush Cleaner

To clean your airbrush, you can use either water or the cleaning products that the airbrush company provides.  Here’s a step guide to cleaning your airbrush:

  1. Switch on your airbrush and in the part of your airbrush where you insert your makeup drop some of the water or cleaning product.
  2. Place your finger over the nozzle of your airbrush and gently press the spray button back and forth. This will cause the cleaning product/water to bubble. This process is called back bubbling. The purpose of this step in cleaning your airbrush is to clean as much of the airbrush as possible.
  3. Take a cue tip and gently brush the insides of the makeup brush. Focus on the edges and those hard to reach places. Optional: You can let the cleaning liquid sit for a little bit if you want to ensure your airbrush is thoroughly clean.
  4. Take a tissue and set your airbrush onto a high-speed setting. Now spray all the cleaning liquid into the tissue. This will quickly extract the cleaning product and excess makeup out of your airbrush. 

Our recommendations

Airbrush makeup is a great way to have makeup that lasts the whole day. No more touch ups or faded makeup. With airbrush makeup your makeup will remain super natural and stunning.

Once you have perfected the art of applying airbrush makeup, it becomes incredibly quick and easy to apply. Even when you are honing your airbrush skills, airbrush makeup continues to be easy to use. A few drops of makeup, a pull of the trigger and voila…beautiful lasting even makeup.

Besides the Iwata airbrush makeup kit, you can also look into buying airbrush kits from the following brands: Dinair, Temptu, Bellocio, and Luminess Air. These brands provide quality results and quality airbrush kits. Do your homework to find that airbrush kit that will work for you and fit in your financial expectations. Some of these brands also come with their own airbrush makeup so be sure to check them out.

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