How to make your own mineral makeup?


Are you aware you can undoubtedly make your own mineral makeup? Basic minerals extracted from the ground and micronized mineral makeup has been approved and adopted by many beauty addicts. Mineral makeup is concerned about the health of the skin so that beauty queens will no longer need a mask to hide their imperfections. This year I decided to make my own. I started mastering how to make mineral makeup, and I was shocked at how easy it was.

Mineral makeup has invaded the shelves and made more and more followers! Thanks to its natural composition, suitable for all skin types and reduces the risk of allergies, irritations, and intolerances. With it, you can quickly achieve zero defect nude skin tone and brighten your complexion.


Make your own mineral makeup

After diving into the world of mineral cosmetics, with the mark of a good natural makeup based on its simplicity, often consisting of five or fewer inexpensive minerals I wondered how it could be difficult to make your own mineral makeup. So I chose to try my hand at making my own mineral makeup.

When the bottles and powder arrived in the mail, I wondered what I had put myself in. However, an hour later, after much trial and error, I found myself with natural handcrafted mineral foundation.

In this tutorial video, I’m going to teach you on how to make your own mineral make up base and how to add colorings to it. One of the fascinating facts about this homemade makeup is that it will not contain toxic substances to the body or the environment that can be found in industrial cosmetics.

Now, this tutorial will appeal to the more adventurous sort. The original cost of supplies and minerals can be expensive, but you will realize that even small amounts go a long way, and the final cost for you to do your own mineral makeup is much cheaper than anything you can obtain from stores. If you have crafty friends and decide to throw a party, buy the ingredients together and share costs.



  • Blender (could be anything from a small mill, Cuisinart or mortar, and pestle)
  • Mixing bowls (one for smooth ceramic, plastic or glass)
  • Teaspoons (as those) of different sizes
  • Makeup pots (to store your makeup and give to others)
Makeup Pots Kit
Makeup Pots Kit

Highly suggested:

  • Mask (or, to be extremely careful not to inhale the particles because they can cause irritation or become embedded in the lungs. For the same reason, the use of “micronized” mineral particles and not “nano-sized” to avoid health risks.)
  • Gloves and apron (to avoid having pigment on your hands and clothes)
  • A foundation that suits you

Be sure to order quality mineral ingredients from a reliable source.


  • Throw all your ingredients into a clean jar and shake it. Shake until a uniform color emerges. From this paste, you can virtually make any type of powder makeup ranging from eyeshadows, blushes, foundations and much more. To color your mineral makeup base, you need some oxides, pigments, and micas. The pigments come in different colors. The main colors are red, blue and yellow. You also need black and white.


  • Cover your work area with newspaper to protect surfaces. Put on your mask, gloves, and an apron, and have all your constituents and mixing bowls ready.

To add some color to your base;

  • Empty about out half of your base to make a mad blush and a shimmering highlighter.


N.B. This is a trial and error and therefore when mixing your mineral makeup ensure you do it in small batches so that in case you hit the color you don’t ruin everything


  • Close the jar and shake it up. Once you shake, you will notice that the colors will start coming through, shake even more.


  • After shaking, let the content settle a bit before opening the jar to avoid inhaling the powder. You now have your highlighter which looks similar to the blush and will be pretty light on the skin.
  • To the rest of the base, add red-brown oxide and some brown oxide and shake it up. Shake until a uniform color emerges, and no streaky white pieces remain, and there you will have your blush.


N.B. Having a mirror can help you test the color of your skin; you get hot and cold for the perfect match. Although the measurements may be inaccurate, taking notes in a diary can help recreate the mixture into the future. You’ll thank yourself later when you come across the perfect consistency and color.

Finally, once you have found the right mixture, pour it into a plastic bag, cut a corner, a funnel into a sieve jar, and bring your special, mineral makeup handmade with pride. The mineral makeup is perfect for combination to oily skin because it contains no fat and can absorb sebum. It is able to unify the complexion and correct mild redness and other imperfections. If you suffer from acne, it is interesting for you, as its non-comedogenic formula will not clog your pores and leave your skin to breathe.


If you want a perfect complexion and natural, mineral makeup is the one you need. Composed of 90% to 100% minerals as per the formulas, these compositions are natural and contain no fats, no fragrance, and no or little conservative. This makeup has many advantages such as a perfect coverage, a power blurring of small imperfections, a matte effect, silky and light-reflecting a long-wearing comfort, soothing and anti-inflammatory as well as sunscreen and UVA-UVB. The touch, the material is smooth and pleasant. With all the information provided, you are now well equipped to make your own mineral make up. All the best!


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