How to choose the best at home airbrush makeup kit for you


How do I choose the best at home airbrush makeup?

To the uninitiated, selecting the best at home airbrush makeup can seem daunting. There are a number of factors to consider, including cost (high-end airbrushes can be surprisingly pricey), coverage, and ease of use. Plus, if you’re new to airbrushing, you’re probably wondering whether anybody can do it, or whether it’s a skill best left to professional MUAs. But choosing the best at home airbrush makeup doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration. This helpful guide will answer all of your questions and more, and help you focus your search for the best at home airbrush makeup kit. Before long, you too will be applying flawless foundation as confidently as any pro!

What can the best at home airbrush makeup do for me?

You may be wondering what are the advantages of owning the best makeup airbrush kit. Without question, the biggest asset is the coverage. Airbrushing gives foundation a lightweight, natural, even finish that’s unreproducible with drugstore makeup and cosmetic sponges. This is why it’s a favorite technique among celebrity makeup artists. Additionally, airbrushing can cover substantially more surface area in less time than it takes to apply foundation with a sponge or a brush. For this reason, it can not only be used to apply makeup to the face but also the rest of the body. (This can make the best at home airbrush makeup an especially handy tool if you happen to be a theatre actor, a cosplay enthusiast, or just a person who enjoys going all-out for the occasional Halloween party!)


What’s in the best at home airbrush makeup kit?

The contents and accessories will vary from one kit to the next, but the best at home airbrush makeup kits all have a few features in common: 

  • A compressor unit. This is the device that pushes air through the airbrush stylus, disbursing foundation evenly onto the face.
Compressor Unit
Compressor Unit
  •  Attached to the compressor unit is the airbrush stylus. Air from the compressor unit forces foundation through the stylus and onto your skin. Single-action styluses are operated by pressing a trigger that releases both air and color. Dual-action styluses require an additional step: pressing down on the trigger to release air, and then pulling back on it to dispense color.
  • On top of some styluses sits a gravity feed cup. Liquid foundation is poured into the cup where it’s mixed with air from the compressor unit and conducted through the stylus onto the face. Other styluses can be loaded with a bottle of foundation instead.
  • Many airbrush kits will come complete with a starter pack of liquid makeup including foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, and other products. Airbrush makeup varies from drugstore makeup in a few ways: It’s thinner, which allows it to move through the airbrush stylus without clogging, and the pigment is more highly concentrated, which means better coverage from less makeup.
Starter Airbrush Makeup Kit - Dinair
Starter Airbrush Makeup Kit – Dinair
  • Because the airbrush stylus requires regular maintenance, it’s common for kits to include a bottle of cleaning solution. You simply pour it into the gravity feed cup and flush out the stylus after each use to prevent makeup from clogging the nozzle tip.

What else should I know about the best at home airbrush makeup?

All of the above features are important to consider before determining which is the best at home airbrush makeup, but they aren’t the whole story. You’ll also want to take into account the other advantages – and possible limitations – of each airbrush kit. For instance, some airbrush kits are compatible with water-based foundation only. Some are manufactured by companies boasting diverse product lines of specially formulated airbrush makeup. These include foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, highlight and contour, eyeshadow, lip color, and even self-tanner, while others offer only a limited selection of products in a narrow range of colors.

Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup PRO Starter Kit
Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup PRO Starter Kit

Some can be used to apply medical-grade foundation suitable for concealing severe acne, unsightly scars, tattoos, or skin discolorations. While others are only appropriate for everyday wear makeup. Some are more affordable (in the $80 – 100 range) and better-suited to beginners. Others are professional-grade and can cost hundreds of dollars. Before making your purchase, do some comparison shopping. Find out what other makeup lovers think is the best at home airbrush makeup. That way you may make the most informed decision possible.

Choosing products for the best at home airbrush makeup

After purchasing your best at home airbrush makeup kit, you’ll most likely want to stock up on products. Some kits come with an assortment of foundations, concealers, and other liquid makeups as mentioned above. However there’s no guarantee that they’ll match your skin tone. To give yourself the most natural coverage possible, it’s essential to closely match your foundation to your complexion. For that, experts recommend choosing a foundation that’s one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. It’s also suggested to select  approximately the same tone as the skin of your inner wrist.

How do I care for the best at home airbrush makeup?

As stated above, most airbrush styluses can be maintained simply by flushing them. This may be done with the enclosed cleaning solution after each use. However, if you’re a frequent user, it’s a good idea to fully disassemble the airbrush. Once a week is a good time frame to give it a more thorough cleaning. This will help to prolong its life expectancy so you can enjoy years of beautiful coverage. When traveling, the best at home airbrush makeup kit should be stored safely away in a protective case. That was none of its delicate parts are damaged in transit.

Airbrush Cleaning Bottle
Airbrush Cleaning Bottle

Let us know how the best at home airbrush makeup kit works for uou!

By now you have enough information to begin your search for the best at home airbrush makeup kit. We hope this guide has been helpful to you. Have any feedback? We’d love to hear it! Let us know what you think is the best at home airbrush makeup kit.  Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions for us. We are happy to advise you in your search for the best at home airbrush makeup kit.

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