Easy to follow eye makeup tutorial for brown eyes


There are a barrage of DIY articles and online tutorials showing girls with blue, green and hazel eyes how to make their eyes stand out. In this article we will demonstrate an easy to follow eye makeup tutorial for brown eyes, the most popular eye colour.

It  turns out, brown has always been associated with beauty, with great musicians such as the Beatles, Van Morrison, and Cody Simpson creating odes for the ‘brown eyed girl’.

As the adept beauty queen Sona Gasparian reveals in this 6 minutes tutorial, girls with brown eyes have always had the advantage. All it takes to transform their gaze from sweet to sensual is a simple swipe on some of the neutrals. Plus they can rock in almost any shadow shade without breaking a sweat.

Sona takes you through all the bases. From the colours you need, to a detailed coverage of the steps involved in applying the makeup. She even teaches you how to both customise and very the look; leaving room for you to apply your creativity and achieve something similar but different in your own unique way.

Recommended eye shadows

This eye tutorial for brown eyes requires you to invest in a number of warm tone eye shadows. That doesn’t imply that cooler tones won’t look great on you. But warmer tones are the best if you plan to have an eye colour that stands out.

For individual shadows, try getting dark brown colours of any sort. We believe you should use your creative freedom when selecting a dark brown colour, as long as it’s opaque enough to get the job done.

This colour will be applied on the outer corner of your eyes, just to intensify your looks and make your eye colour pop.

Brown colour with red undertones

The next colour you’ll need and which happens to be the most important colour you’ll be stocking in your makeup kit is the brown colour with red undertones. A good example of the recommended Red colour is the Brown Script Red colour by Mac

This colour will be applied to your crease as the transitional colour. The colour also spots a warm brown hue that will be peaking through your crease thus making your eyes stand out.


The next colour you pick should be metallic, preferably gold that you’ll be applying at the centre of your eyelids. This will brighten your eyes giving your eyelids that glossy look that will leave them peeking through.

Any Metallic can do as long as it’s opaque and capable of getting the job done. Good examples include Amber lights with a little bit of gold in it. Alternatively, try using any pigment with a yellow or champagne undertone to brighten your eyelid thus giving your brown eyes that glossy look you’ve all along been trying to achieve. 


The last colour you’ll need in your makeup kit is the ivory colour that you’ll be applying in the inner corner of your eye and along your brow-bone. This will help to light up your eyes from within and make them glow, consequently making your eye colour and bone structure show off.

A good example of the ivory colour to pick is the Nylon by Mac. Alternatively, try picking any shimmery or pigmented ivory colour. For those who hate Shimmery, a good alternative would be any Matte colour of your choice as it has all the recommended shades that can still get the job done.

Recommended palettes

Palettes make life a lot easier.

First on the recommended list is the Too Faced Natural Matte Colour, which comes with all natural colours and some warm tones that you’ll be using most of the time. It also spots some highlight colours that makes it even better.

Second on our list of recommended colour palettes for brown eyes is the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. The palette stacks almost every warmer tone you’ll need to show off your brown peepers in a wide assortment of texture and with a serious colour payoff.


Step 1

Start off by applying the brown script colour on your crease, steadily enough to ensure it blends well. This serves to act as transitional colour as we have already mentioned.

Once done, take the colour and apply it to your bottom lash line in kind.

Next, go ahead and intensify the look by applying the dark brown colour starting from the outer corner. It’s important that you make your eyes more intense, more so at the outer corners of your lash line if you want them to stand out. But then again, do this bearing in mind that everything must be done in moderation to strike some balance at least.

The same can also be said about applying the dark brown colour on your bottom lash line. If your plan is to make the eyelashes standout, then focus on making the outer corners more intense–way more than the centre or inner corner.

Step 2

For the inner corners of your lash lines, use an ivory colour such as Nylon by Mac. The colour should be applied gently on the inner corner of your eyelashes and brow bone.

If you feel like the reddish brown colour you applied in the first step is kind of fading away due to excessive blending, try re-applying it while ensuring it’s peeking through like it should be.

Step 3

The third step involves applying the metallic colour we mentioned earlier on the centre of your eyes. As a reminder, any metallic colour that’s also opaque will do. A good example is amber light with some little bit of gold or any pigment with a yellow or champagne undertone. 

Step 4: Liner

For the liner, try using reddish brown colour. The red in the brown colour is recommended as it helps to make your eyelashes pop. The colour should mostly be applied on the outer corner of your bottom lash line. You should also apply it on the ream as well.

Step 4: The upper rim

For the upper rim, we recommend that you use black colour to intensify your lash lines. This is important as it makes your eyes standout.

Again, try keeping the colour on the outer corner. If possible, get a straight brush and use it to attain a naturally fading look on your eyelashes.

Step 5

Use tons of mascara to intensify your lashes and make your eyes colour pop even more. This applies to both your top and bottom lashes.

If you’ve got no problem with falsies, go ahead and apply them to take the look to next level. You can do your lips or whatever else that keeps your ship from sinking. For your lips, anything neutral like the light pink colour from Jouer can do. Just try to keep it light and natural so as NOT to divert attention from your eyes.

That’s it for our eye makeup tutorial for brown eyes. We hope that you’ve managed to follow it and achieve that killer look you’ve always wanted. For enquiries on how to get some of the products mentioned or if  you need help, let us know. Please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you very soon.

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