What are the best makeup artist prices in the market?


Whether a wedding, birthday party, special occasion, themes, etc., makeup artists are able to take your makeup to a different level. With their expertise in skin and beauty, these makeup artists are able to transform you with a flick of their wand….err..brush.

Before you go to your computer to browse the internet for the nearest available makeup artist in your area, let’s have a closer look at the details surrounding makeup artists.

What is a makeup artist?

Makeup artists use a variety of cosmetic processes or techniques to enhance a person’s appearance. They do this by emphasizing a person’s skin tone and facial features while disguising any flaws on the person’s skin.  However, makeup artist skills are not limited to this. They are also able to use makeup to achieve creative and imaginative characters or create desired special effects for photography, film, TV, or theater.

What does a makeup artist do?

Makeup artists range from the beauty clerk at the store counter to the artists who works alongside fashion designer and other media industry experts. Besides working with to fashion designers, actors, and performers, makeup artists are able to understand lighting and digital photography and adjust their makeup application accordingly. As such makeup artists are commonly required for weddings, corporate headshot photos, fashion shoots and shows, and other special events.

One of the most lucrative yet difficult areas in makeup artistry to get into involves that of fashion makeup. This field is considered to be the piece de resistance of makeup artistry. Here a makeup artist is able to create imaginary sci-fi or fantasy characters, create the illusion of blood or other wounds, and so on.

Makeup artists are required to have the following qualities:

  • Creativity
  • Self-motivation
  • Great customer service
  • Brilliant time management
  • Fantastic listening skills
  • Understand art and design
  • Steady arm and hand
  • Make makeup recommendations to clients with feedback
  • See details up close

Makeup artists can be found in a variety of places including freelance, online, beauty stores, or local beauty companies.

Makeup artist prices

An expensive makeup artist usually comprises of those makeup artists responsible for fashion makeup and celebrity makeup. These artists are considered to be among the more elite, often becoming celebrities in their own right.

Some examples of these elite makeup artists include:

  • Charlie Green who has collaborated with Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Lancome, Fendi and Guess. She has been responsible for the makeup of celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Celine Dion, Charlize Theron and more.
  • Supermodel makeup artist, Sam Fine, who has become the first African-American spokesperson for Revlon. Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks are just two supermodels who have received the excellent artistry of Sam Fine.
  • The renown Pat McGrath is considered to be one of the most influential makeup artists worldwide. She has worked with designers Jil Sander and John Galliano, Armani, Procter and Gamble and much more.

Of course, expensive makeup artist prices cover the expertise, high-quality makeup, and years of experience working in high-end salons and other companies. Usually the expensive makeup artist prices include a free trial to establish the desired look that the client wants for their event. Events usually covered include weddings, engagement photos, proms, special birthday, school portraits and more.

Depending on the artist, makeup artist prices may be per hour depending on the event or it may be in the form of packages. Their fees per hour can be expected to be from as little as $100. It all depends on the artist that you find.

Commercial makeup artist prices can start around $650 for an 8-hour day; celebrity campaigns can be between $900-$200. These prices while high provide the client with a wealth of credibility, expertise and high-quality products and results.

Makeup artist prices on budget

Depending on the level of experience, makeup artist prices vary. Those with a lower fee will have a lower quality in their results and services (generally speaking). This is not to say that their work is poor, however, unless you get an exceptionally fantastic artist who has yet to learn the value of their work, cheaper makeup artist prices are more common among those artists who are starting out, work in a “cheaper” area, or use a less expensive makeup.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-47-19These makeup artists are great to use for attending a friend’s wedding, a cocktail party, a work function, or general photo shoots you and your family are having. You’ll get a more professional look than if you did your own makeup thus making you stand out glamorously. Perhaps you are attending an event that requires specific looks or effects, here a makeup artist would be a great investment into achieving that look for a lower price.

Generally expected makeup artist prices range between $70-$200. It all depends on the packages each makeup artist has, their hourly rate (an approximate $40-$60).  Trials will either be free or at a reduced cost since a makeup artist will use the trial to market their expertise and quality.

Should you hire a makeup artist or DIY?

When it comes to weddings or special occasions a makeup artist is a good investment. This applies specifically to weddings, promos, specific birthdays such as sweet sixteen, eighteenth birthday, or a 21st birthday. A photographer may be desired at these events, in which case having great makeup will further create a memorable experience and day for all involved, specifically regarding weddings.

For birthday parties, cocktails, a friend’s wedding, and other more common occasions, DIY makeup is probably the best way to go. From a price perspective, DIY makeup will be more affordable and less time consuming. Makeup for such an event only will not consist of frequent makeup touches or special makeup, DIY makeup is more suitable for these events. When assessing the need to hire a makeup artist, always consider your budget and evaluate if this is a necessity or if you should stick with DIY makeup.

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