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Over the years, airbrush makeup has become accessible to the everyday person for any occasions. Leading this revolutionary makeup move is Dinair with their best airbrush makeup kit. Now you can have the makeup of professionals in the comfort of your own home and all for a round figure of $200.

Airbrush makeup kit components

The Dinair Airbrush Pro Makeup Kit consists of the Air Pro Compressor which has a variety of settings to help create that flawless finish, the Pro Dinair CX Beauty Airbrush, four shades of foundation, six shades of other makeup including, shimmer, blush, brow shadow and more. Of course, Dinair goes on to add more makeup goodness by including a stencil set, a moisturizer and a corrective concealer (sample size).

For cleaning purposes, Dinair adds to their kit an airbrush cleaner. A gorgeous makeup travel case holds all these amazing products together to create the best airbrush makeup kit in the beauty world.

Product tips

When it comes to airbrush makeup, one of the tips is to prepare your skin with concealer. This helps the airbrush makeup to settle on your face in an even and smooth coverage. If you have oily skin, it may be helpful to put a primer on your eyelids. Preparing your skin is key to a pleasant experience when it comes to general airbrush makeup.

Be sure to shake your makeup bottles to mix the water and pigment into an even fluid. Once you have mixed your products, add a few drops of the shades you require for that ideal shade for your skin.

Don’t have your compressor on high as this will cause blots of makeup on your face if you bring the airbrush gun too close to your skin. Play with the dials until you get the desired amount of product spraying out of the airbrush nozzle.

Cleaning your gun is critical to great makeup application and maintenance. A final tip is to set your makeup with loose powder after you have completed your airbrush makeup routine.

Customer Reviews

Lexi shares she loves the Dinair makeup System which gives her skin a light and long-lasting makeup. The flexibility of custom making your own makeup shades with the Dinair airbrush makeup is another positive for Lexi.

Ivy loves her Dianir Airbrush Pro Makeup Kit is great value for money, informative, and excellent. It includes everything that you would need to have an incredible airbrush makeup experience.

Many Amazon customers who bought the Dinair Airbrush Pro Makeup Kit have found the airbrush and compressor system to be terrific. A variety of these reviewers encourage beginners and other people looking to buy an airbrush makeup system to start with Dinair.

The cons of Photo Finish airbrush makeup kit

Learning how to apply airbrush makeup requires perseverance and patience. For some people, this may be frustrating as they persevere through this learning curve. Fortunately, Dinair does provide a large support of customer service, videos and other guides to help people learn the tricks of the trade. For some people, this may be a frustrating dynamic of airbrush makeup in general.

Other customers have been disappointed in the Dinair makeup for a variety of reasons including difficulty in finding the right shade for their skin. Some of these customers have experienced technical difficulties with the airbrush gun itself.

Our recommendation

Dinair Airbrush Pro Makeup Kit may be more expensive than some of the other makeup kits available; however, the quality and value for your money makes it worthwhile. It is clear to see why this airbrush makeup kit is a leader in the best airbrush makeup kits over the past years and remains so today. 

For a first airbrush makeup kit, I highly recommend Dinair Airbrush Pro Makeup Kit for the plethora of products and the instructional support and materials that come with the kit. If nothing else, you’ll learn how to apply airbrush makeup like a pro, even if you need to change makeup.


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