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Deciding to invest in one of the best airbrush makeup kits currently available in the market is a step towards less time spent applying makeup and a more natural looking makeup finish. Finding a kit that fits your budget and is great quality can be a bit tricky. As such, I decided to investigate a few of the best airbrush makeup kits in the beauty world. I came across the Tickled Pink Airbrush makeup kit.

Airbrush makeup kit components

The Tickled Pink airbrush makeup kit comes with a gravity-feed, single action airbrush, a feminine and quiet compressor with adjustable pressure settings and an airbrush gun holder. Of course, you are going to need a hose and an adapter both of which are included in the kit.

Naturally, a kit would be incomplete without makeup. With the Tickled Pink airbrush makeup kit, you will receive three different shades of aloe-vera based foundation makeup. Plus you get a water sealant and moisturizer.

Tickled Pink Airbrush Makeup Kit
Tickled Pink Airbrush Makeup Kit

Product tips

When it comes to combining different airbrush makeup with the Tickled Pink airbrush gun, it is best to stick to water based makeup or aloe based makeup. Any other makeup will only serve to clog the airbrush gun.

For that waterproof effect, be sure to use the waterproof sealant. This serves to seal your makeup allowing you long lasting coverage under a variety of conditions including perspiration or water.

Be sure that you spray your makeup on from five inches away from your face. Too close and it will cause your makeup to run or spray unevenly.

Ensure that your makeup has dried completely before you touch your face. This will help reduce the risk of smudging.

Customer Reviews

Amazon reviewer Jennifer found Tickled Pink airbrush makeup kit to be easy to clean, exceptional coverage, and quick to apply. When it came time to order replacement airbrush makeup, Jennifer discovered that Tickled Pink sent over more airbrush makeup than what was included in the kit. A pleasant surprise.

Professional musician and experienced makeup artist, Tiffany, left a review on Amazon sharing her delight with the Tickled Pink airbrush makeup kit. The airbrush kit is quiet and compact enough to be easily transported wherever she goes. She has found the makeup, moisturizer, and other Tickled Pink products to be top-notch. Wrapping it all up, the customer service from Tickled Pink continues to add to an unforgettable experience.

The cons of Tickled Pink airbrush makeup kit

Some customers found that the Tickled Pink airbrush makeup smudged easily and was overpriced for the amount that you got. Another con is that the airbrush makeup kit only comes with three shades of foundation makeup and not a larger variety of airbrush makeup. For those, who enjoy creating their own custom makeup, this may be a bit limiting.

Our recommendation

Overall the Tickled Pink airbrush gun and compressor don’t seem to be poor quality; however, the makeup once again seems to be where the let-down comes into play. I recommend that you research all the other available best airbrush makeup kits on the market that fit your budget before deciding on the Tickled Pink. While many people have been happy with it, you may find that a different brand will have a better makeup suited to your skin. Personally, I prefer a larger selection of foundation shades and a few more makeup such as a bronzer, highlighter, and blush. With only three shades, I think you can get a better product for your money.


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