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When you shop online for airbrush makeup kits, it’s easy to get lost in a myriad of different products and brands. Among the best airbrush makeup kits currently available in the beauty and cosmetic world is that of the Belloccio airbrush makeup kit.

Airbrush makeup kit components

Included in Belloccio’s best airbrush makeup kit, you will find an airbrush and compressor system. The compressor comes with three settings to help you regulate the air flow as you apply your makeup. Naturally, Belloccio’s kit comes with a ¼ oz. foundation with four different shades to better help you create that custom foundation perfect for your skin tone.

The best airbrush makeup kit goes on to include an anti-aging primer, bronzer, shimmer, and blush. To help you carry your kit around with you or store it away between uses, Belloccio provides a gorgeous carrying bag.

Bonus components include a shade concealer to help you hide those blemishes or dark circles under your eyes; a blending sponge; finishing spray; and an airbrush cleaner. Besides these amazing components, Belloccio’s best airbrush makeup kit also comes with its own starter DVD to teach you how to set up and use your airbrush, cleaning your airbrush, and the basics of airbrush makeup.

Product tips

Be sure to match the foundation shades to your skin undertones. The Belloccio foundation included in the airbrush makeup kit is specific to medium skin tones with pink, olive, and yellow undertones. If your skin doesn’t fit one of these descriptions, you may need to purchase the kit specific to your skin tone such as fair or dark.

When using your airbrush makeup system, makeup will only come out of your airbrush once you have pulled back the trigger. Be sure to use circular motions about six inches away from your face.

Between applications (foundation or blush or primer), blow out your excess makeup so that it doesn’t affect the tone of your other makeup.

To mix your custom foundation, add a few drops of the shades that you want into your airbrush cup. Place a finger over the nozzle to block the air from escaping out and gently pull back the trigger. This will cause the foundation to bubble as it mixes. Do this for a few seconds.

Another product tip is to apply the primer before and after your makeup. This helps to give your airbrush make up a good starting point while sealing it beautifully afterward.

Customer Reviews

A variety of customers reviewed the Belloccio airbrush makeup kit on Amazon stating that the airbrush system is easy to use and the makeup light with a flawless look.

Other customers found that the system was easy to clean especially if the cleaning directions were followed. The easy of applying makeup and how quickly it dries has continued to be a bit hit among customers.

The cons of Photo Finish airbrush makeup kit

As with any customer review, you get the positives and the negative. The same goes for the Belloccio airbrush makeup system. Among the negative consumer reviews is that of the machine malfunctioning and not spraying adequately after a few months of use. According to customers, this malfunction is not caused by a lack of cleaning since each customer who complained about this aspect all cleaned their makeup kits religiously.

Another complaint of the system is that the coverage from the airbrush makeup is not that great even though the gun and compressor work well. The makeup also tends to run badly when you perspire.

Our recommendation

For a lovely $79.96 on Amazon, the Belloccio airbrush makeup kit is worth trying out. Not only is it affordable but it also is good value for money. While you may not always get the correct shade for your skin, you can mix and match your airbrush makeup among different brands provided the makeup is water-based.

Considering that there are other brands with a higher price tag available on the market, Belloccio is among the best airbrush makeup kits available, especially for those on a tight budget.


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