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Want a professionally flawless skin? Art of Air Professional airbrush makeup kit allows you to have flawless skin every day in the comfort of your own home for any occasion. As one of the best airbrush makeup kits, this kit is selling for $105. Let’s have a closer look at this airbrush system.

Airbrush makeup kit components

The Art of Air airbrush makeup kit consists of a variety of components, including a single precision, single-gravity airbrush and a quiet compressor with hose adapter. Of course, an airbrush without makeup would make for an incomplete kit, thus Art of Air added six shades of airbrush foundation makeup for a variety of skin tones such as fair, medium and dark. The makeup continues with a bronzer, blush, highlighter, and anti-aging primer. Finishing this lovely kit off is the elegant carry bag to store your airbrush makeup kit or take it with you wherever you go.

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Product tips

A great tip for this product is to shake the makeup bottles before squeezing several drops of airbrush makeup into your airbrush cup. This helps prevent the makeup from being sticky and inconsistent.

Only use airbrush makeup with your airbrush since regular liquid makeup is too thick and will clog your airbrush gun.

You only need a couple of drops of airbrush makeup to do your makeup. For foundation, you probably won’t need more than three or so drops of makeup whereas your blush and highlighters will probably lose less. Thus, your airbrush makeup may be small bottles but they do go far.

Be sure to watch several YouTube videos online to teach you basic airbrush makeup techniques. The learning curve may seem steep but the results are worthwhile.

Customer Reviews

Among the positive customer reviews, customers found that the Art of Air airbrush makeup kit was great value for money. The airbrush is easy to use and takes a little time to apply makeup for that flawless airbrush looked.

Taking fewer minutes to apply than other traditional makeup, the Art of Air makeup kit brings a great introduction to airbrush makeup with it’s easy to use and effective equipment.  The equipment is quiet, easily assembled, and sprays makeup on in an excellent finish.

The cons of Art of Air airbrush makeup kit

The main complaints regarding the Art of Air Professional airbrush makeup kit are that the airbrush makeup is too thin thus provides insufficient coverage for the skin. Other reviewers found the makeup to be sticky, darker than their skin tone. The makeup continued to disappoint since some found it to be easily smudged and the finish was far from the promised flawless look.

Another complaint was towards the airbrush gun itself which is said to clog very quickly, spray unevenly, and minimal control.

Our recommendation

Considering the customer reviews from both YouTube and Amazon, we recommend that buying the Art of Air airbrush and the compressor is worth your while. That being said, you may wish to investigate the type of airbrush makeup worth your money. Finding the right makeup to match a great gun is tantamount to giving you that beautiful, flawless finish you are looking for.


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