5 Easy ways to get your permanent makeup eyebrows cost under $40


The role eyebrows play in our makeup and beauty looks cannot be watered down. After all, it’s all in the eyebrows. Yet, some people find their eyebrows a bit bothersome and filling them with makeup can be a small hassle to undergo in the name of beauty. In this article we will show you 5 ways to bring your permanent makeup eyebrows cost below the $40 line.

Women globally wrestle with perfecting that beautiful eyebrow look to accentuate their eyes. Permanent makeup costs are quite high. You may have contemplated the idea of permanent makeup for your eyebrows but had doubts as to whether or not it will be worth the money you spend. Fortunately, today’s technology is permitting women to attempt their own permanent makeup eyebrows at a reduced cost. The question is….is the price worth it?

What is permanent makeup?


For people with allergies to makeup or have difficulty applying makeup or would rather jump out of bed with their makeup still intact, permanent makeup may be an option.  Permanent makeup also called cosmetic tattooing or micro-pigmentation involves the implantation of pigment into the upper areas of skin on the specified areas.

Permanent makeup does fade, it is considered permanent since it does not wash off. Due to this fading away over time, permanent makeup often requires periodical touch ups. This, of course, adds to permanent makeup eyebrows cost. Permanent makeup cost ranges between $200 to $800 depending of course on who does it and where you go.

Various products and tools available (including expensive and cheap with price range overview and quality overview)

Common methods to apply permanent makeup include:

Biotouch FEATHER TOUCH Design Kit
Biotouch FEATHER TOUCH Design Kit
  • Traditional tattooing
  • Coil machine
  • Rotary or pen machine
  • Hand

Within these methods come an array of products and tools required for successful permanent makeup eyebrows. Microblading is one of the methods used in permanent makeup eyebrows and the tools used in this process are pens, needles, rulers, machines, and so on. Most of these products do not go beyond an estimated $150.

In fact, the average permanent makeup eyebrows cost is that of $50. With the right tools and guidelines, your permanent makeup eyebrows can be as good as those done by a professional.

What pushes the permanent makeup eyebrows cost up exponentially is the professional technician’s time and expertise.

Thanks to some of the latest beauty products to hit Amazon.com it is now possible to get the permanent makeup eyebrows cost down to under $40. Now you can enjoy the benefits of permanent makeup eyebrows for a fraction of the price you would pay to see a specialist. Here are our top five permanent makeup eyebrows reviews to give you options in finding the best eyebrow solution for your needs.

VANKER Fashion permanent handmade manual cosmetic tattoo eyebrow makeup pen

Vanker’s cosmetic tattoo eyebrow makeup pen
Vanker’s cosmetic tattoo eyebrow makeup pen

Courageous enough to attempt your hand at your own permanent makeup eyebrows? Try your hand at Vanker’s cosmetic tattoo eyebrow makeup pen. This incredible pen is slender, precise and easy to use for permanent makeup on your eyes, eyebrows, and lips. This lovely permanent makeup eyebrow pen costs $2.71.

Its special design entrance allows for the pen to grip the needle firmly. This allows you to work on your freehand permanent makeup eyebrow designs.


Permanent eyebrow liner

Available in black or brown, this lovely permanent makeup eyebrow liner costs a mere $6.48. With a soft texture and color that easily spreads as you guide this liner along the shape of your eyebrows, you can expertly create the eyebrows you have always wanted.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Liner
Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Liner

This product is not waterproof thus if you come into contact with water, you may find yourself touching up your eyebrows. On the other hand, no water contact will allow your eyebrows to stay in tact throughout the day without further touch ups. Water is all you should need to clear your makeup off.

Please be aware that this product is not permanent.

Chuse permanent makeup pens KX-101

Chuse Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo
Chuse Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo

One of the options for applying permanent makeup to your eyebrows at a reduced cost is that of Chuse’s new technology of permanent makeup pens. These pens are currently on sale at a whopping £39.99.

The Chuse pen is popular, easy to use and can be used to apply permanent makeup to your eyes, lips, and eyebrows. Chuse claim that this lovely tool does not run hot and is convenient, small to use, strong, and minimal noise.



WUNDERBROW - Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
WUNDERBROW – Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Wunderbrow comes in an array of blend-like fibers designed to stick to your eyebrow hair and skin. Wunderbrow brings you permanent eyebrow makeup that will give you naturally beautiful eyebrows. Plus you don’t have to undergo the discomfort of cosmetic tattooing. Now, you can take charge of your permanent eyebrow makeup.

With over 1,000 five star reviews on Amazon.com, Wunderbrow is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup option whose cost is reasonable. It comes in a variety of brown/black shades, allowing you to pick the colour most suited to you.

Although its value for money seems to be in some question, Wunderbrow is considered to be a popular solution to permanent eyebrow makeup cost as a DIY solution. With a price of $20.90, this lovely eyebrow filler comes with its own bottle and brush (similar to mascara).

The effects of the Wunderbrow lasts a minimum of a couple of days with minimal touching up required. Other reviewers have found that it lasts longer. Gone are the mornings of staring in the mirror making desperate attempts to head out with beautiful lush eyebrows. With Wunderbrow makeup got a whole lot simpler.

Stargazer permanent eyebrow pen

Stargazer permanent eyebrow pen
Stargazer permanent eyebrow pen

This pen comes at a bargain price of £3.17, is easy to use and permanent. However it falls short in many regards. A majority of reviews have claimed that this eyebrow pen is faulty, as you cannot apply it at the correct angle. Customers claim that the ink at the sides/bottom instead of the tip resulting in an unwanted line.

To make matters worse, this eyebrow pen does not give your eyebrows that permanent look. It fades rapidly nor is it waterproof. Some people have found that the after effect of the pen on their eyebrows has resulted in a colour disfiguration and that the pen dry’s up rapidly after being opened.


Considering the equipment and cost required to perform permanent makeup, DIY permanent makeup is viable. Customers with a steady hand and good eye will find doing your own permanent makeup much more cost efficient.

If you want permanent makeup eyebrows, the cost of visiting a beauty salon or physician is worth it. You’d have expert advice, be able to experiment with colour and eyebrow shapes before applying permanent makeup. Not to mention, the bonus of professional guidance in the event your skin doesn’t respond well.

Thinking of a lower risk option? The semi-permanent makeup eyebrows cost makes it better to do yourself. This will give you the flexibility of changing styles or color as you see fit. You can touch up your permanent makeup eyebrows easily at no extra charge; whereas a professional will charge you for extra touch-ups.

At the end of the day, personal preference, research, and affordability will guide you in your decision.

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