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Photo FinishArt of AirBelloccio
- Perfect for everyday use- Includes an Anti-aging Primer- 1 Year Replacement Warrantee
- Includes a Deluxe Carrying bag- Reasonable price- Foundation set with 4 colors
- Best kit against other kits within same price range- Very easy to use- Anti-aging moisturizing primer
- Impressive makeup colours- Suitable for begginers- Airbrush equipment high quality
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Amazon $98Amazon $105Amazon $80


DinairTemptuTickled Pink
- Using it is a no-brainer- Works using the Air Pod Technology- Easy to use recommended for beginners
- 1 Year of Warrantee- Very easy to clean- One-year replacement warranty
- Comes with a pro compressor and a designer stencil set- The most versatile airbrush makeup system in the market- Recommended for beginners
- Numerous Youtube video tutorials- The makeup applied looks real- Customers are in love with the perfect selection of makeup colours
- Simple to use- Don’t need to clean the holder after a makeup mix up- Some find it very easy to clean the equipment
- Great combination of makeup colours- The most affordable within its category- While many people love it for its compactness
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Amazon $200Amazon $150Amazon $160

What you need to know about choosing the best airbrush makeup kit

In this post I will tell you everything you need to know about selecting the best airbrush makeup kit. But first I have a question to ask…

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to achieve flawless skin or a youthful countenance when you know they haven’t used botox or plastic surgery?

The answer isn’t necessarily the makeup artist they choose; but with the airbrush makeup kit they use on their skin! In this guide I will give you the tips you need to make the same choice, without breaking the bank.

The trick just lies in finding the best airbrush makeup kit for your needs and ensuring your budget is NOT massively impacted. Taking this into account, our next section is a review of the Airbrush Makeup Kit’s that won’t break the bank.

Unlike traditional foundation, which happens to be a little too heavy and involves too much layering (that will only come off when you scrub it off your face), airbrush techniques are thought to be non-heavy, natural and more hygienic, and as such stay intact on your skin for up to 6 to 12 hours.

The stunning, almost flawless results are partly the reason the machine has been trending recently and is the perfect makeup for brides, artists, those seeking professional makeup or even everyday use.


Choosing your best airbrush makeup kit

Now that you’ve made up your mind and decided that you’re going to get yourself your first airbrush makeup kit, you’re probably wondering how much you are going to have to put aside.

To be honest $200 is roughly enough to get you the best airbrush makeup kit on the market. But what if your budget is much tighter than that? In the table below we review some of the cheaper Airbrush Kit’s on the market.

But before you rush out to buy a cheaper model, we recommend you ask yourself whether the cheaper model meet’s your standards. Or even better, the standards of other consumers who have taken the same step you’re about to take and bought their first Airbrush Makeup Kit.

These questions serve as an initial check list that you should use to avoid making a decision that you may live to regret. The adage ‘you get what it is that you pay for’ holds to a greater extent but there are other times when being well informed about a product saves you a lot of time and most importantly your happiness.

The last thing you or anyone else wants is to head back home with an Airbrush Makeup Kit that doesn’t even work (no matter how small your budget might have been).

That said, here’s a list of things to look for when shopping around for an airbrush makeup kit.

Airbrush makeup kit components

When looking into this area one thing you notice is terminology. One example of this is that the best airbrush makeup kits are commonly referred to as ‘airbrush makeup systems’.

The reason is very simple; for a system to pass as a kit, it has to come with an entire set of components that you will need while applying makeup—compressor, airbrush gun, foundations and at least all the basic colours for your makeup.

Airbrush makeup kit ingredients

This is particularly very important if you have a sensitive skin. To stay safe, try as much as you can to go natural by settling for ingredients such as Aloe Vera or other plant based products that include a non-irritating skin formula.


Durability is another factor that will be influencing the choice you make. To get the most out of the money you’re willing to spend, the kit you pick should NOT only be sturdy and come with a good replacement warrantee, but also have the compressor and airbrush gun included.


When you purchase It’s always good to double check the model you’ve bought with every single airbrush accessory you plan to use with it to ensure that the system works without any glitches.

This is important as there have been reports of some people heading home with airbrush makeup kit’s that end up failing to work with the rest of the system. It’s for this reason that we recommend you exercise extra caution when making your decision, to avoid winding up with the wrong kit.


Our thoughts

If your budget can stretch, then you have no reason to settle for anything less than the best airbrush makeup kit that the market has to offer.

It’s easy to prepare a long list of the best airbrush makeup kits that we think make the cut for a kit we’d use, but why waste all that time? That’s why we’re only focussing on the best two or three.

The criteria for picking the best airbrush makeup kit in the high-end category isn’t very different from the one we used for a low budget one. Just follow the same criteria we provided in the previous section, with a greater emphasis on quality and reliability.
As it can be seen, it’s extremely difficult to single out one brand of an airbrush makeup kit and label it the best while completely ignoring the rest. Pitted against each other, each one of these models has a quality that the others may not have or may be considered it’s ‘killer feature’.

Our personal tip and recommendation and winner of best airbrush makeup kit if your budget is low is the Photo Finish Air Brush Makeup Kit. At $98 it is a bargain, is great for everyday use and comes with a range of features and accessories.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review, let us know how you get on with your purchase and if this article has aided in your purchase by commenting below!

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